The Greater Love Project

BelleRae’s mission is to share our passion of glorifying God with others.  Reaching our listeners at where they are and bringing them to a true worship experience.  God laid a desire on all our hearts to pursue a ministry through music and make an impact on others life’s.  Rather leading others to worship in a church setting or being that reflection of Christ outside the doors of the church, BelleRae would love to come worship with you.


There are more kids than we can imagine that go hungry at night and on the weekends. The only food they get is at lunch while at school. The Greater Love Project will help feed children in the Cabarrus County area. A portion of the proceeds for our Greater Love CD and merchandise will go toward the backpack program. The backpacks will give the kids enough food for the evenings and weekends.


If you would like to help feed hungry children, please be sure to contact us at:


The song “Greater Love” is about going outside the walls of the church to help those in need. Jesus Christ is the greater love and through Him, we can show others that love.